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Asphalt Walkways?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Asphalt Walkways Sacramento, Asphalt Walkways, Stamped Asphalt Walkways

Asphalt walkways have been gaining popularity in the landscape design field.  Asphalt overall is also a very popular material for walkways because of its versatility. Asphalt can be stamped, stained and even polished to mimic natural stone, tile, brick and more. At Prestige Decorative Asphalt we can make whatever style of Asphalt you are interested in fit you and your taste accordingly. Many Asphalt walkways are viewed as a form of artistic expression, rather than just a means to get from one place to another.

If you are currently looking in to replacing your Asphalt walkways, don't worry we can help you pull out your old Asphalt walkway and put in a new decorative stamped, stained, or even polished Asphalt walkway of your dreams. You can take advantage of Prestige Decorative Asphalt products that allow you the ability to transform your current situation into the back/ front yard of your dreams!

Asphalt Walkway Design Options:

  • Straight or curved walkways
  • Stained color option walkways
  • Stamped Asphalt walkways
  • Decorative walkways
  • Aggregate walkways

For a contemporary walkway, Asphalt can be poured in oversized patterns in the form of stamping, staining, and even polished Asphalt designs. Typically shapes such as rectangles or circles are used to create a bold pattern. The spaces between the poured Asphalt pavers can be seeded with grass or a low ground cover to bring life and color to the walkway.